“These are a by far the most incredible presets I’ve ever owned!! Not muddy, no tweaking needed...just clean, beautiful filmy goodness! 😍 I have no doubt my editing workflow will be a breeze now that I’ve found these. "

what people are saying about refined


“The presets work in every lighting condition, are a breeze to match to our film. They give our digital photos the "timeless" film look we are seeking. Since using them our look has become more cohesive and consistent, all things we strive for in branding! It's been reflected back to us in the new bookings that we have received that our clients are also very happy with updated look and style of our photos. Brighter, cleaner, and more classic!!.  "

what people are saying about refined

“I have known Marta for the last 10+ years and I’ve always been a fan of her beautiful work - both film and digital. When she released Refined presets it was exactly what I had tried to find from many other presets packs out there. The others never seemed to work for me without a ton of adjustments in post. Refined presets have been a game changer in the speed of my editing and overall consistency in tones. My natural light studio work flows seamlessly with my on-location and in home lifestyle sessions creating a cohesive look for my clients and my brand.“

- Danielle Hobbs Photography

what people are saying about refined

“I'm a little embarrassed to admit how many presets I bought before Refined was created. I could never find a pack of presets that would actually work on ALL of my images. I wanted my work to be consistent, but I would find myself bouncing around from preset to preset for each session hoping one would work on that particular series of images. I shoot in a variety of locations - in hospitals, client's homes, different outdoor locations, and my all white studio - all VERY different settings, colors, and lighting situations. It would be asking a lot for a set of presets to work in every situation. But Refined does."

- Rachel Bond

what people are saying about refined

"I have been using Refined presets for almost a year and they have been one of the best investments yet in my business! I am a digital and film photographer, so to find the right preset can be quite the task. I have purchased and played around with other presets but nothing is as good as Refined. Matching your film scans can be daunting but with Refined, its actually enjoyable! The skin tones turn out so delicate and pretty without having to make multiple tweaks. Aside from matching film scans, editing your digital images are made easy and quick with Refined. With multiple presets in each pack, you can achieve any look you need! Not only are the presets amazing, but the company and boss babe behind it are amazing! I can't recommend these presets enough, stop searching because you've found them!"

- Kara Roybal

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